Drip helps you share large files, with ease.

Be More Productive

Be more productive

Drip has unlimited uploads for files of up to 300MB in size. Simply drag the files you want to upload onto the icon in the menubar and get back to what you were doing. It will upload the files and automatically copy the download link to your clipboard. If you drag multiple files onto the icon, Drip automatically creates a .zip file for you.

Feel More Organized

Feel more organized

Drip has a beautiful interface which helps you manage your uploaded files. Since the files are uploaded to the Sendspace servers, they'll have a 30-day expiry limit, unless of course you configure your Sendspace Pro or Pro Plus account. If not, it's no problem since we give you ability to re-upload your files.

Share files

Manage your files

Managing your uploaded files is easy with Drip. Once they're uploaded, Drip can automatically email you a copy of the download link so you can access it on the go. Email the download link to friends or colleagues, re-upload the file, or delete it altogether.

How it works

Drip uses the Sendspace api to handle your files. We make uploading large files to online file sharing services a smoother, and more productive experience. You don't need a Sendspace account to use Drip, but if you do, you're able to configure your account with the app and make use of the extra features you pay for. We hope you enjoy our product.

Made by: Scott Savarie + Florian Denis. Copyright © 2012 Drip.