Frequently Asked Questions
What's with all these ads? Where's the download link?!

Since we're hosting your files with Sendspace, you'll have to go through their website to download files. Uunfortunately, there are a ton of super confusing ads in the way. Ignore these and click this:
Drag and frop files

Do I need a Sendspace account to use Drip?

No. Drip uploads your files to Sendspace making use of their free plan. If you do pay for a Sendspace Pro or Pro Plus account, configure it within the Settings section.

What does pressing 'Clear file history' do?

Clicking this simply clears all the files out of the application as if you had just opened it for the first time. Some users may want to do this rather than individually removing files from the list.

I've recorded a shortcut but it's not working?

Sometimes users record their own shortcuts which are already being used by OSx or other applications they are running. Try and make the shortcuts more unique as to not have a conflict with other applications.

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